Need advices for research on volley-ball team


Hi everyone!

I’m prospecting to buy muse for a university project. My first intent is to apply the device on 6 pro-volley ball players in order to enhance their recovery.

Without getting deeper into details, I didn’t buy any muse device yet for many reasons:

  1. I see a lot of contrasting comments about Muse what are your experiences
  2. apperently it is not possible to see the Main EEG brain (alpha, teta etc.) but on some pictures based on the muse research tool, it is possible.
  3. based on some comments, the device is not really ergonomic and it is hard to catch up the EEG signal or it is easy to loose it. Are the Datas Accurate?
  4. How could you implement muse on an ensemble of players?

Thanks in advance for your answers. I’m 100% new on muse.