Need help-how to run Museio on desktop?


bits/second: receiving at: 220.00Hz dropped samples: 0
OSC errot 10061: No 0sc.tcp://[host]:[port] end-point to connect to!
TCP connection failure. Please start a listening process.

i am getting this message can some one help me…


muse-io defaults to TCP protocol if you don’t specify the --osc parameter

When TCP starts it looks for an end-point where to senda data - that is, some already listening process on that host address and port number. Since you probably have not started muse-lab or muse-player yet, it gives this message.
It´s not a fatal error, by just starting any of these programs muse-io will start broadcasting data.

I prefer to use the UDP protocol that’s working nicely for me both with muse-lab and muse-player, using the command line bellow:

muse-io --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000 --dsp

BTW, muse-io also defaults to “preset 14” and “device name=muse”, so if you have not changed your muse bluetooth name there’s no need of any other parameters.

HTH, Eduardo