Neurofeedback Risks and Side Effects


Hello everybody.
A few weeks ago I’ve started a neurofeedback therapy with an expert professional in this field.
I have mentioned her that I enjoy meditating with the MUSE headset band.
She told me that because of meditation with and headset is anyway a sort of Neurofeedback, I must understand before if the protocol (training) used by MUSE is compatible with my QEEG map. Otherwise, I could incur in undesirable and dangerous side effects. I enjoy meditation using MUSE but now I’m scared about the real safety I can have.
Of course, I know that a handset is not an invasive device, but a bad training can induce wave generation in a not appropriate zone of your brain according your own QEEG map. In the following link I’ve found a list of possible side effects.

I’d like to receive your opinions about that. Can somebody tell me how secure is the training proposed by muse app and why I can not incur in those side effects?