Neuromore Studio -- visualization tool and signal processing engine


I just came across a new visualization tool/signal processing engine that works with Muse and other EEG devices:

Looks pretty interesting. For the time being it’s free to download as part of their early access release.


Thanks a lot for the tip.
I have already downloaded it and made some experiments (including a test based on a question posted on another thread near this where the user asks about using other electrodes, TP9 and TP10 as references to Fp1 and Fp2).

The interface is really pretty nice and interesting, and the whole tool is incredible “light and fast” … and intuitive !

Looking also at their “Team” page I can see that one of their advisors is an old member of this forum.

With its dozens of resources for input, output, math and dsp functions and others, and it’s design interface - if their algorithms are reliable, this tool can be of great help not only for those who already know well the field, but also as a learning tool for others (like me) that know nothing about digital signal processing and even the neuroscience field.

They where also very smart, and probably very tired of waiting for the LibMuse for desktops (windows and mac), by using muse-io to include Muse into the list of their supported headbands.

Thanks again [B]kartik_subbarao[/B], Eduardo.



I would like also to get the studio but they are not responding to my requests . could you please send me the installer?


Seems like you need to register an account, and once you’re signed in there’s the download section where you can get the windows or mac version of their studio: