New Android Calm App: Version 3 vs. Version 4


Feb 10, 60-minute session, Calm 3.1:

This session is typical of the results I’ve been seeing over the past seven months with Calm 3.0 and Calm 3.1.

Feb 14, 60-minute session (halted after 51 minutes), Calm 4.0:

Feb 14, 60-minute session, Calm 3.0 (using a different phone that has app auto-updates disabled):

After doing seven sessions with Calm 4.0, I’m pretty sure the calibration method introduced in this new version is not working.


I feel the exactly the same. All my sessions since the change are too active.


Less than a week after releasing Calm for Android 4.0, Interaxon released Calm 4.1. Within the Settings menu there’s now an option to select from two different “feedback versions” – feedback 3.3 or feedback 4.1.

One of these feedback versions is not accurate, but I’m not sure which.


Ya since the update I have not been to get over 50% calm . I used to get 80 -90% and know in my mind I am meditating properly, not having my mind wander. now the wind is constant and even when I am calm it shows my mind is racing. not impressed with the update at all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Preformatted text


I’ve had some success in getting scores in my previous range by keeping my eyes open and trying to count down from random figures in threes or sevens during the new calibration - and then meditating as before; but I agree… this update has really thrown me. To the point that I almost never use my muse while meditating now.

I only use my muse headband every now and then with the Muse Monitor app (by James Clutterbuck) to check I’m still in the high Alpha range.

Its a shame. I was finding Muse very useful.



That second screenshot looks definitely cyclical - any idea why?


Before update and after update on Android Calm, my score and birds are the same, which are less than 20% and 10 birds for 20 minutes session as usual. There is no difference to me.

However, for the new update, I am happy to see the Recoveries. I usually get more than 50 recoveries, which are many more than the 10 birds. Furthermore, since the new update, I got less number of “Wanderlust Award”. I am happy with that as well! :smile_cat:


Ultimately, the scores, birds, awards and milestones are irrelevant and highly subjective. They are just eye-candies for kids who want to have some motivation to do meditation.

For adult, how you persist, how frequent you meditate and how long you meditate are the most important parts when you use Muse.

(When the Wind gets strong and disturbing, turning off the sound.)


That second screenshot looks definitely cyclical - any idea why?

Yeah, I know it’s a glitch in the app. I think they’ll figure it out.

For those of you who are having problems with the latest update, have you tried switching the feedback version to v. 3.3? I’m getting consistent results with that feedback method.


Hi. My first post. So, this new calibration is having strange results for me too. I get all calm. I even tried to think about lists, bad things that happened at work and real active thought, and I hear birds and get birds chirping. Does anyone know where the old app is kept. Also, got to say that that lady’s voice is annoying, as she could just say, “calibrating”… “begin”