New calibration


Isn’t anybody else unhappy with the new calibration??? My muse has become useless. The output is so random as to be meaningless. Sometimes it hovers at the top, sometimes at the bottom… Credibility is gone!


I agree. Since the new calibration took effect my scores are significantly worse to the point that I don’t like using Muse.


I’m happy to pile on to this thread. My scores have dropped from a relatively consistent mid 80’s…to 30 or below. The high feedback when you feel quite relaxed is very distracting. I also have stopped using the muse regularly and I’m meditating without it.


for me, it’s not just that the scores are worse… they are totally inconsistent. i’m surprised there isn’t a flood of complaints. as a tool, for me, it’s shot.

thanks for posting.


also frustrated with the new calibration

would rather calibrate and get reliable scores than not calibrate and get scores that make no sense


Hi Ingadavids, please let me know your email address that’s associatd with your Muse account and I can investigate this issue. Rather than post it here in plublic, please write to


calibration seemed to be better for a few days…it’s back to inconsistent

@ingadavids, did you get any resolution from Customer Care?


I did. Find below what they wrote. Curious. I have not yet had a chance to try it and see what might have changed. I just want the old calibration back. Flawed though it was.:

Thanks for contacting us at Muse Customer Care!

I am sorry to hear that the experience with Muse does not reflect how you feel during the session. I have reset your historical model which takes a look at all of your sessions to get an accurate picture of your brain model that Muse develops.

Please try this and let me know if your experience differs.


What did calibration used to be like? After 1st use where u think of lists it’s just 30 seconds of quite time. I actually find if I try and clear my mind which i can maintain for 30 seconds it doesn’t give me accurate reading in my session. It’s comparing my mind to that still 30 seconds and anything else is crazy active


I’m late to this thread but it’s still valid. The calibration method sucks. The original one worked far more consistently. I end up gaming it most of the time by actively thinking about a list of things such as colours which reduces the sensitivity. I’d rather have it a bit less sensitive rather than interrupting my calmness with too much feedback