New Calm App for Android


The official site had some info about new or improved current muse calm app, which is already available on the iphone. Site said this app would be made available for android this 2015 summer. Has this app been released? I can’t find the info on the website any longer. Although some pictures for updated muse calm app appear on website, which differ from current muse calm app.


I would very much like to know this as well. I’m very concerned that a week has passed without any comment: is interaxon going to continue to support android, or are all Musers going to be expected to buy iPads or iPhones? That wouldn’t be conducive to calm - mental or financial :frowning:


Hi there,
I assure you Android will continue to be supported and we still intend to release an Android Update in the future. I’m with you on this, my personal device is Android as well. I’m looking forward to it! It’s not release quite yet though, stay tuned.


yeah something is not right if they cannot meet their summer release for the Android update… well not that I’m complaining about the old version as it is working just fine, however, it feels like this project is abandon considering the amount of money spent on it.


“Intend to release an Android update in the future” doesn’t sound very hopeful… Is it close to release? What’s holding it back?


Hey, currently the release is set for early Q4. Work is progressing on it smoothly!


i bet there are more Android users than IOS users… can’t wait for the upgrades!


An update would be welcome indeed!


yeah you guys are 6 months overdue and are barely making yourselves audible here… Any person concerned with their business will interact with their customers. I hesitant to recommend this product if there is no continued support for it.


Wondering on the lack of updates here also, especially looking at the Bluetooth connection speed, even in the SDK sample app on android it connects directly, while the calm app can take several minutes to connect :confused:


The lack of communication here is quite concerning… It’s ridiculous to treat your customers this way.


Sorry for the very slow communication on this. We are working on better Android support starting from the SDK up to the app, however we are a small development team with a lot on our plates. That said we currently have an Android release candidate in ALPHA, with an aim to put it into beta by end of year so we are aiming for a public release in early Q1 of 2016


Thanks for the update Rupsing!

I’m looking forward to the new app ass I really enjoy the product but the default app isn’t satisfying :slight_smile:

Ping me if you can use any help with the Alpha release, I’m daily debugging at work so more than happy to assist :slight_smile:

Happy holidays!


Thanks for the update!

I’m happy to hear that there is some progress as I’m very satisfied with the product but the default app isn’t up to speed for a fast life style.

Ping me if you can use any assistance with testing the Alpha stage, I’m daily debugging code at work and happy to assist!

Happy holidays!


Whatever happened to the Android update which was supposed to be released in December?! I’m eagerly waiting, as it promises improved signal quality, new themes, flexible timing and guided meditation.


Good news everybody!

[SIZE=12px]Hi Guillaume - I deeply apologize for the lack of support you’ve been feeling for Android. Believe it or not though, your wait is over! We should be releasing a major Android update later today or tomorrow at the latest. smile emoticon We are a very small company with limited resources so we’ve been busily focused on releasing IOS first where 80% of our customers are. I hope you’ll be very satisfied when you see the next Android version. Once again, I really appreciate your feedback and I hope your experience with Muse going forward will be more amazing than ever.