New third-party App, who wants to beta test?


Hi All, I’m a new developer and I’ve finished version 1.0 of an Android app. Before I put it out for public download in the play store, I’d love to have some fellow musers take it for a spin and tell me if they think anything should be changed.

The app is written to work at the intersection of two controversial theories: the ‘field consciousness’ theory (Radin et al.) and the ‘quantum mind’ theory (Hameroff and Penrose). The field consciousness theory roughly states that sustained concentration by one or many conscious minds has an effect on quantum events, to the point that the behavior of quantum systems becomes statistically strange in the presence of strongly sustained attention. The quantum mind theory roughly states that quantum events have an effect on human brains, and that rather than being deterministic, the brain’s behavior is at least partly determined by quantum effects.

My app uses small variations in EEG readings to produce random ‘bits’, along with audio feedback about which type of bit was produced. If the field consciousness theory turns out to be correct, then this app can be used to test the quantum mind theory. Field consciousness experiments typically us a ‘Random Event Generator’ which records the outcome of a quantum event like radioactive decay or electron tunnelling. It is the behavior of such a random event generator that is observed to become ‘strange’ in the presence of sustained concentration. By replacing the random event generator in such an experiment with this app and attempting to replicate the experiment, insights into the nature of the human brain could be gained by observing whether the consciousness field has the same sort of effect on the brain as on known random event generators.

If both theories are true, then this app along with the muse could not only demonstrate as much but be used to train concentrated attention directly using the audio feedback function. The link to the beta version is here:

and all feedback would be much appreciated!


Hey Chrisjay,

I’m a researcher in the field of consciousness. I was recently at the science of consciousness hosted by Hameroff.

Love the concept of this app.

How are the variations in EEG readings producing different bits?

Would love to chat more and develop a study to see if sustained concentration affects the human brain at a quantum level.

Have you collected any data yet?


Thanks Gnosis, I’m so glad you’re interested!

To create the bits, the app sums all four EEG readings, rounds to the nearest integer, and returns modulo 2. So even readings become 0, odd readings become 1. The ‘research version’ let’s the user adjust the modulo so any integer over 1 can be used to produce a ‘dice’ value along the same principle, but doesn’t have audio feedback.

I did notice one flaw when I was gathering data - I think because muse buffers its data results tend to repeat at above chance if one collects more than about 15 samples/second. It should be easy enough to calibrate the muse without a brain between the sensors and clean up the data as needed, but an experiment would have to take that into account. I wish I could pay a member of the muse team for a few hours of troubleshooting, I feel like someone who knows the libraries would have an easy time getting around that issue. I have gathered quite a bit of data as I was writing the app, but I haven’t yet conducted a rigorous study using it.

I would definitely like to discuss possible avenues of study! Feel free to reach out to my personal email (chrisjayhenningsen at gmail).



Quite interesting, will definetly check it out and come back!



Hello Chrisjay! The topic sounds very interesting, although I admit, I understood not everything. Do you still have the app version for testing? The link seems to be broken.