New to Muse - not achieving "Calm"


Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie here. I’ve had my Muse for about a week now. I’ve been using it everyday. Usually 2 times per day and I’m really enjoying it.
I’m having trouble achieving the “Calm” state and I’m having trouble getting any “birds”.

Does anyone have any tips? I’m not sure if I am maybe too calm during my calibration so my ‘baseline’ may already be so low. I don’t know. Looking for advice from some of the more experienced users.
I do feel calmer after the meditations. This morning I did 12 minutes and felt really calm afterwards and even the storms were mild (somewhat quiet) but I showed 0% calm and no birds.

Thanks for any advice.


hi and welcome

I had the same trouble at the beginning too, it was frustrating and that made me less able to be calm

it passes, as with anything practice makes a big difference.

the people at muse do say that the calibration is important but the exercises they give you are just to get your mind active. if you can’t think of things fast enough then just do some mental math calculation during calibration, I have found that to be easier to do (I try to count in prime numbers)

I will try remembering stuff like my shopping list and see if that keeps me active during calibration so the later session might show relatively more calm



I took me about a month to achieve calm. Some suggestions from Muse support that really helped was to set the session settings to ‘easy’. Also to lower the volume of the storm feedback. Another suggestion was that if the calibration quiz was too easy then to use visualisation to make your mind more active. The more active the calibration the easier the session.


I’ve been experimenting with the feedback volumes as well - I kept finding the birds were overly stimulating and sent me out of calm, so have been trying turning the bird volume to zero temporarily - seems to help a bit. Will try being even more active during the calibration phase and see if that helps too. I’ve gotten my calm score up to 68% but most have been in the 40’s (one week into Musing).

Which soundscape(s) do people like most? I started with Beach but am now using Ambient Music.

Seems like a relationship with guided meditation companies like Headspace might be useful - could be a great combination.


Hi dwrowley, thanks for your post. How do you bring down bird volume to zero? I don’t find it in the settings of my iPhone Muse app. I too find the bird sound distracting.


Hi Vic10101 - when you start a session, you’ll see a speaker icon at the top right of the screen - click on that and you’ll find a bunch of volume sliders to adjust background volume, bird volume, etc.