New user, connected once but no more


Surely connection problems are the most common forum questions, so please forgive …

I have no smart phone, and so am attempting to set everything up on a Win10 PC via Muse Direct, using a Bluetooth adapter dongle.

I just received my Muse (standard, 2016 version) yesterday and I initially managed somehow to get the device to show up on the Muse Direct window (as well as in Device Manager under Bluetooth). This morning I was unable to repeat the success. I’ve searched the forum and google for assistance but haven’t gotten anywhere so far.

I’ve tried other third-party apps for Muse, no connection with them either. While I’m not yet very familiar with Bluetooth, I’ve tried pairing by opening the Bluetooth window from Control Panel, waiting for the headset to show up (sometimes it doesn’t, muse powered on) and then attempting to add the device. “Connection failed because an incorrect code was entered” is the error.

It occurred to me that I may need to reset the EEPROM, but am not sure that it’s working properly. The LED indicators are not behaving the way the videos and documentation suggest – after a 5-6 second press on the power button the LED switches to a steady glow from just the top LED, rather than all lights flashing once per second as I understand is expected.

I also tried a factory reset but the device seems not to reach that point, no matter how long the power button is held the display remains in the previously described state. Does this LED behavior indicate a malfunction?

  • I have one additional question …

How does one sign up for the $5/mo Muse Direct subscription? Having installed the app on the PC (and clicked on every relevant link I can find on the Muse site) I’ve not come across the opportunity to do so.

Much gratitude for any help!

~ Michael


Did you disable your on board Bluetooth device in windows 10?
(Right click on startup go to device manager find on board Bluetooth device right click and disable the device).
Having two Bluetooth devices makes connection to complicated.


Thanks for the reply! I have no on-board Bluetooth on my PC – but I finally got it to connect, fiddling around with pairing and Bluetooth settings.