New version of Android Calm crashes on Nexus 5


Muse for Android which was working fine, but now crashes on Android when you install the update to 1.5.22

Please help, as I now cannot use my Muse!


I’m seeing the same problem with an Asus Transformer TF-700 tablet as well as a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone. It doesn’t let you continue with the Calm application without updating, and once the Calm application is updated, it crashes. Looks like a common Android problem.


Hi there,

Thanks for letting us know about the issue. We’re working on a fix and should have an update available soon!


FWIW, I’ve not used Muse for a while but when I tried to use it on an iPad AIR today, the Calm app said loading and then crashed (well, actually it jumped back to the home screen, it was still in the app switcher but was just a white screen.


I have same problem with Galaxy S4. New Muse crashes at all times now!

How to fix or go back to old one?

Best coding practice is: Test before releasing.


Hi there,

The update to resolve this issue should have been pushed very recently. Please check for updates for your version of the app.

Just to be clear, this forum is primarily for technical support for the Muse SDK. For Calm app support please email or call 1-888-508-MUSE. That way your issue will get funnelled through the proper channels to efficiently reach the App Dev team.


@tom: Thank you, where can we check for these updates?

Just to be clear, Muse should not try and censor discussions that they do not like about the product. If you release an Android update that breaks peoples purchases, and they are also forced to install the update, you should expect negative feedback. If you censor it here, then you will annoy users like me who are first adopters and who like the product. The negative comments will move to un-censored forums like Amazon product reviews and Facebook/Twitter.

Muse has not provided any documentation on their Calm software, or what the various settings do. Enthusiastic users will discuss it. If this is not a Muse discussion forum, where is one?


Hi EOrigin,

Didn’t mean to shut down the discussion, apologies if it seemed that way. Just trying to make sure this issue and any others reach the App Dev team quickly so they can be resolved as soon as possible!

To check for updates for the Calm app on Android, go to the Google Play Store, tap the Menu icon in the top left corner -> My Apps -> Muse Calm. If there is the option to update, tap on that and see if it resolves your issue. If not, please let us know and we’ll be all over it.