Newbies muse


I will post my progress with muse in this topic. My knowledge of computer science is far below average programmer. But i think i can fill up objectively where average programmer would miss. Grinding on basics of Python right now.


my stats… noticed some dropped samples. and 0.8% noise on sensors
[SIZE=12px]================== Muse Status ==================[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Muse Hardware: 8.0.0[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Muse Firmware: 7.0.16[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Muse Firmware type: Consumer[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Muse Bootloader: 7.0.16[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Build No: 0[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] BT Mac Address: 000666688DEA[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] BT Firmware: Ver 5.45 IAP 10[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Serial: 1080-PHNN-8DEA[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Preset: 14[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Filters Enabled: true[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] - Notch Frequency: 60Hz[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Accelerometer Enabled: true[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] EEG Sample Frequency: 3520Hz[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] EEG Output Frequency: 220Hz[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] EEG Samples Bitwidth: 10[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] EEG Channel Count: 4[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] EEG Channel Layout: T9 FP1 FP2 T10 [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] Downsampling: 16[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]bits/second: 7746 receiving at: 219.65Hz dropped samples: 269[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]Battery: [============ ]+ 61% voltage: 3.84mV[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12px]Noise: [ 0.8% 0.8% 0.8% 0.8% 0.0% 0.0% ][/SIZE]


noise indicator still doesnt work in sdkv2 muselab