Not getting consistent reads on my Muse


Dear Friends,
I love to Meditate using Muse.
But the “birds” i get are not consistent with what I’m feeling.
Usually I do two 30 minutes sessions one right after the other.
And the number of “birds” seems to be random. The same happens with the weather feedback.
Is there anyone getting consistent feedback? (could you give me some advice?)
Is there anyone that could analyse my data and see if there is any problem with my Muse?
I do want to be able to use Muse to improve my meditation practice, but for now I’m strugling
Thank you so much,


I have just completed two 5 min sessions with Muse one right after the other: the first one 0% calm and second 50% calm. I suspect that Muse’s calibration procedure requires serious improvements.


Hi Tom, you just replicated my issue.
As I bought the Muse Webinar – Muse in Therapy (Michael Decaire) where the clinician shows how he uses Muse with his patients with enormous success I suspect that the problem could be with my Muse…
Anyone else having this kind of problem?
Anyone having a solution for this problem?