Offline status (2)


Product: Muse headband app
Version: last as Sep 5 2018
Platform: iPhone 6

Description: Session time not correctly set and session data not correctly saved

Expected behaviour: When I set the session time to 25 min, I expect the session to stop after 25 min and the Results and Stats pages to display data for a 25 min session.
Actual behaviour: The app keeps saying it is offline although my phone is working and the wifi connection is also working. The last session correctly saved was a 20 min session. I cannot set another time. The session is now always 20 min. That’s the first problem.
After the session is completed, I save the data. On the Sessions page the icon is a headphone not filled with green and with a little circled symbol similar to a pause button. The displayed session time is 20 min (although I set the time to 25 min). It says 95% calm 3,482 points. That’s the second problem.
I go to the Results page for that session. It displays a 5 min graph and 867 points. That’s the third problem.
I go to the Stats page. It says 867 calm points (276 seconds calm, 39 seconds neutral) and 48 birds. Well, during the 20 min session I heard the birds almost continuously. That’s the fourths problem.

Steps to reproduce: Unknown, since I do not know why the app says it is offline.
Steps for a temporary fix: I switched my iPhone off and on, then restarted Muse. At the first try, Muse crashed, but at the second, it was ok and the “Offline” status was not displayed anymore.