Offline status


Product: Muse headband app
Version: last as Sep 5 2018
Platform: iPhone 6

Description: The app says I’m offline and the title bar of all pages is brown for unknown reasons (the phone is working and so is my wifi router).

Expected behaviour: The app should say I’m offline only when there is no wifi and no mobile connection.

Actual behaviour: The app says I’m offline for unknown reason. As a consequence, if I save a session, it appears on the “Sessions” page with an icon like a circled exclamation mark and I cannot display the results of that session. If I do another session on the same day, the session with a circled exclamation mark icon is lost, whether the new session is saved or not.
Another consequence is that I cannot access most of my settings.
Note 1: I never observed this behavior before the last update (the one which replaced the arrow at the end of a session with the option to write in the journal).
Note 2: Up to yesterday, the connection was sometimes re-established at the middle of a session. Today, it says “offline” whathever I try.
Note 3: Instead of a bug in the app, this could result from a problem on your server (server down or too many user trying to access, or a too-short timeout setting).

Steps to reproduce: Unknown