Offline status


Product: Muse headband app
Version: last as Sep 5 2018
Platform: iPhone 6

Description: The app says I’m offline and the title bar of all pages is brown for unknown reasons (the phone is working and so is my wifi router).

Expected behaviour: The app should say I’m offline only when there is no wifi and no mobile connection.

Actual behaviour: The app says I’m offline for unknown reason. As a consequence, if I save a session, it appears on the “Sessions” page with an icon like a circled exclamation mark and I cannot display the results of that session. If I do another session on the same day, the session with a circled exclamation mark icon is lost, whether the new session is saved or not.
Another consequence is that I cannot access most of my settings.
Note 1: I never observed this behavior before the last update (the one which replaced the arrow at the end of a session with the option to write in the journal).
Note 2: Up to yesterday, the connection was sometimes re-established at the middle of a session. Today, it says “offline” whathever I try.
Note 3: Instead of a bug in the app, this could result from a problem on your server (server down or too many user trying to access, or a too-short timeout setting).

Steps to reproduce: Unknown


Same bug here. Some sort of offline error preventing me from downloading content (with or without WiFi)


Same problem here. Really frustrating since I cannot use most of the features the app offers :confused: Hope this bug is fixed soon


same problem.


How do I fix this! This is totally bogus and stinks because I can’t use the app as intended! I paid a lot of money for this and it’s very frustrating. So far no help from support. I was told it should connect if I have an internet connection. I have a connection! What the heck is the problem. I feel as though I have wasted my money on this piece of garbage!


I’m also having the same issue. I can’t change my settings because I’m “offline” and numerous other features are unavailable to me. I AM online. All other apps working and I’m posting this message even though muse app says I’m offline. This is very frustrating and needs to be fixed.


Exactly the same here too. The app eventually connected yesterday, but today it remains offline. I’ve messaged support, I’m awaiting a response. This is clearly an issue at their end and as others have stated this needs resolving urgently, otherwise I’ll be returning the unit, which is a real shame given I really have gained benefits from the system.


I’ve been experiencing the same problem. The app is offline on my iPhone, but online on the iPad. At the moment I only have the mind meditation downloaded on the iPad so there is no data from the other meditation modes that I do with the phone.