Only one input for /muse/elements/alpha_absolute..?


Hello !

I just have a quick question in reference to available Data.

Is it normal to have only one input for the absolute band power ? Should not there be one for each sensor, as describe here : ?
Thanking you in advance for your response.


If you’re sending the OSC stream with Muse Monitor, then the default is to send the average value.

If you want to send values for each individual sensor you can enable this in settings. Scroll down to the OSC section and you will find a toggle for “OSC Stream Brainwaves” [Average Only/All Values].


Thank you for your prompt reply

yes i already do that, this is why i don’t understand.


That is not the the correct setting. Keep scrolling down :wink: This “All Sensors” setting is for the wave types display. You want the “OSC Stream Brainwaves” setting for the OSC stream.


I don’t have this option :cry:

The only reference to OSC it’s OSC Server and OSC Port. It’s not the good version ?


You’re running an old version. Please go to the Google Play store and update, then the new option will appear :slight_smile:


It works ! Thank you :slight_smile: