OSC data output from MuseLab intermittent


I seem to be getting a lot of buggy behaviour in the OSC data coming out of MuseLab. Sometimes Pure Data can’t see the stream, sometimes it can. My powerful laptop is running hot with all fans going trying to cope with the OSC stream. Same behaviours are evident with either TCP or UDP.

Running on Ubuntu
launching muse-io from terminal with full muse device mac address (with no arguments)
then running MuseLab
Opening TCP port 5000
When selecting output OSC only port 5000 will connect (although I would have thought the incoming and outgoing OSC ports should be different)

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? It seems to be an issue with the MuseLab software.


Also how can I connect multiple Muses to OSC when only port 5000 will connect? Has anyone discovered any other free ports that MuseLab will actually connect to? Basically I want to run three Muses and capture and route OSC data from all three, preferably all on the same computer. Thanks


I’ve connected multiple Muses on multiple ports with no problems. Perhaps the problem is your firewall config? You can try other OSC software to double check. I used both http://www.ucapps.de/mios_studio.html and http://www.kasperkamperman.com/blog/osc-datamonitor/ to debug OSC packets for my Muse Monitor app.


Thanks I’ll try those. I’m thinking I should be able to do everything I want with muse-io and just ignore MuseLab if I can connect to different ports with multiple Muses using muse-io launch flags and the same for filtering OSC data (I don’t need it all so it will save cycles to reduce the amount I’m looking at). Not sure if muse-io can do all this the documentation isn’t that clear but I’m getting started on this now. If anyone has any advice let me know please.


My app Muse Monitor will also send OSC streams if you want to send direct from the device and avoid muse-io entirely.
The iOS version with streaming is currently in review with Apple and will likely be available in the next few days, but the Android version has streaming available right now.


Thanks any chance the Android version could be ported to Linux?


Android is technically Linux :wink: but seriously, Linux isn’t a financially feasible platform to develop for, sorry… Not to mention, having to support innumerable hardware configurations.

If you don’t have an Android or iOS mobile device, you can always run Android from a usb/sd, or even a VirtualBox VM using Android-x86.org


Muse Monitor v1.0.3 with OSC Streaming is now available on the app store