OSC error 10061: no osc.tcp://[host]:[port] end-point to connect to!


I’ve been connecting to my Muse by typing

muse-io --device Muse --osc osc.udp://localhost:5000 --preset 14 --dsp

into a new command prompt every time, because if I simply open muse-io.exe I always immediately get the error

OSC error 10061: no osc.tcp://[host]:[port] end-point to connect to!
TCP connection failure. Please start a listening process.

after it (otherwise) connects successfully. It sure would be a lot less annoying to do it through the executable, so what am I doing wrong here?


That does not indicate a “critical” error. When that message prints the only problem is a listening process hasn’t been started. The muse will stay connected and streaming data. As soon as you start a process that listens on the default tcp port it will connect and everything is fine.


To the sun:
You are starting the muse-io in udp mode muse-io --device Muse --osc osc.[B]udp[/B]://localhost:5000 --preset 14 --dsp

But you are connecting to TCP OSC error 10061: no osc.[B]tcp[/B]://[host]:[port] end-point to connect to!

Therefore it wont connect. They have to be the same.


Oh i see. Thanks for pointing that out. I believe i need the udp connection however. So muse-io.exe only starts up tcp? Any way to change that? I could probably redo my code to receive via tcp, but it’d be a lot of work for not much gain. And udp should be faster right? My applications concern audio so timing is fairly critical.


To use UDP:
muse-io --device Muse --osc osc.[B]udp[/B]://localhost:5000 --preset 14 --dsp