OSC Idea


[perhaps the wrong forum]
I am thinking about wiring up the OSC data from the muse to a controller, such as TouchOSC . The idea is that it may make for a very easy way to rapidly build custom ‘dashboards’…
and/or use it as a controller in music creation software…
any thoughts? has this been done? and works? and failed?



Hi Adeze,

I have personally done some stuff with TouchOSC integrated with Muse. It is a useful tool for a Dashboard of what’s going on in your custom application. However I will caution that TouchOSC does not work well with receiving inputs and sending outputs as a result. It operates as a useful UI for updating, but as far as I could tell it does not allow any kind of OSC reactions.

In my application I wrote a TouchOSC UI that would allow the user to see the current state of another application I was using with Muse. I could then send commands from TouchOSC to my application through Muse-Lab, so I could see the messages, to initiate tasks.

It’s definitely a useful rapid prototype tool. Limitation is it won’t allow reaction based messages to cause a response to a message. Works well for an experience feedback and UI though.

You may find it useful to have an additional application running that will handle reaction controls in Processing or Python.