OSC on MAC: Muse or NeuroSky?


HI all, first post here. I want to buy a Muse headset or a NeuroSky headset. I want to write code in Processing and/or ChucK based on streams of OSC from the headset. This will be for making Music, controlling robotics, and the like. Would you choose a Muse or a NeuroSky headset for this and why? Thanks in advance.



I bought the latest Muse headset with the express purpose of connecting the device to my Mac for analyzing the data. Only after purchase and browsing through these forums did I realize that the latest head band is not supported by Muse’s MuseLab Mac os application. Though I have found the device useful in monitoring my brain activity during my TM sessions, I am really disappointed that I cannot connect to the device directly on the Mac. So buyers beware. That said, I have not used NeuroSky.