OSC paths sent from Muse Direct begin with "Person0/"?



Do the OSC paths from Muse Direct begin with “Person0/” (making them different from the standard ones)? A customer brought it to my attention that my plug-in (https://sellfy.com/p/oBgM/) was not working with Muse Direct and the paths he showed me started like that. If so, why would they do this? Is it because you can use multiple headbands with Muse Direct?

In any case, I need to know all of the possible changes that have been made to the paths if I’m going to make a robust update for my plug-in and I didn’t see anything about this in the documentation. Any help?


It looks like the issue is not with my plug-in or with the extended OSC paths, but that the user is getting all zeros as readings from Muse Direct (but not when using alternative apps). So it must be an issue on his end or with Muse Direct itself. Anyone had this happen to them too?


Yes, I’m having the exact same problem with Muse Direct (I’m working on a workshop with several Muses and the same problem occurs on all machines.)

I thought there was at some point a Windows version of Muse-io? Is there still a download link for that anywhere?


I happen to have an old SDK (which includes Muse-I/O). Not sure how old. Apparently it doesn’t work with the 2016 headbands though. Here’s a Google drive link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QGWYX6WgYLDoQzPH2wOSS2E-WnQKPBYk/view?usp=sharing


Huge thanks!!