Pairing problem on OS X 10.10.2


Hi,I can not pair the Muse with my mac. The OS is osx yosemite 10.10.2. The computer showed that they had been paired but the muse’s light still was blinking. It seemed not to be paired. How to deal with that?


Hi there,

When you pair Muse with a device, the lights will continue to flash on and off. That’s the expected behaviour. If the computer shows that the pairing is successful, that’s the truth.

Have you tried connecting and streaming data with MuseIO after pairing?


Hi, thanks for your reply. The condition that muse’s lights continue flashing should mean that it is waiting for connection instead of connected, right? I tried to open the MuseLab, and there is nothing different with that when there is no connection. And about 1minute later, the computer showed disconnected. I guess maybe the muse did not upload any data, so the computer would think it lost connection.
What can I do about that?



Just to clarify: when you used MuseLab, did you first use MuseIO to connect to Muse? MuseLab does not connect to Muse on its own, it only graphs data sent to it over OSC by a program such as MuseIO. MuseIO is the only SDK Tool that connects to Muse, so you must use it if you want to see any data in MuseLab.

When you first pair a Muse with your Mac, the normal sequence of events is that the lights will continue to flash solidly on and off after pairing, and the Bluetooth menu will show that the device is connected for a short period of time and then soon after will show that it is disconnected. This is valid, because at this point Muse isn’t connected, it has only been paired.

Pairing and connecting are two different things. The pairing process is just the formation of the bond that will allow Muse to connect to your computer in the future. Connecting is actually opening a connection and streaming data after a pairing has been established.