Poor Performance After Aug 27 2018 Update


Product: Muse
Platform: iOS

App crashes frequently, hangs in the middle of sessions and at main screen

Expected behaviour:

Sessions runs smoothly

Actual behaviour:

App hangs in sessions, Clock stops running, what should be a steady stream of bonus birds stops.

Sometimes the clock and birds start up again and IF there is session data it has ‘flat’ regions as shown in the above screen shot.

Steps to reproduce:

Corrective Action:

Delete and reinstall app.

Suspected Issue:

  1. After an update, the Muse App thinks it has to re-upload any data on the mobile device to the server. Some users have alot of sesisons(some in the 100s) between app updates.
  2. Some activity related to uploading is happening on the main GUI thread, which for most Mobile OS’s is a very bad design.


I have the same problem. In addition, for the past three days the app tells me I’m always offline. Between all of the various problems I find I need to reboot my phone before each and every session. I am quite close to giving up entirely on MUSE, which would be a shame after 2+ years.


I wouldn’t give up just yet. The performance of the ios app improved MARKEDLY after I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. There’s a hole in my streak(300+ days) that I need to repair(somehow, there may be a hack for it)

Lotus? I think I may have done some work for you back in the 90s in Kendal Square Cambridge.

I think their concept of ‘online/offline’ needs alot of work. I haven’t gone so far as to strap some kind of a wifi packet sniffer on to see what’s going back and forth but I’m almost certain it’s anything but REST.

My other hunch is that their data server may be monolithic and terribly overloaded. The poor performance from the app coincided with people reporting outright server fails(“Muse Servers unavailable, try later”) which prompted my suspicion that after you had the update you had hoards of supermusers flooding the server(s?) with session data the servers already had.


Yes, I’m the Lotus guy.

I’m now given to understand there some sort of fix in thew works so I will be patient.


I’ve been ‘musing’ since 2014 and have gotten way too much out of it to give up on it

Screen shot taken just after a session. Filled in headbands show sessions that have been uploaded to the cloud, the open ones are in the process of uploading to the muse cloud/server. From the behavior of the app I would say it’s trying to ‘upload’ during a session, leading to the hangs. When it was having issues I opened it up and saw a bunch of sessions from days before that I thought would have already gotten there.

Betcha if you looked at the server logs for Aug27+ you’d see it slammed.

Deleting the app deletes the stored sessions(you can retrieve them from the cloud though). With nothing to upload during sessions functionality ends up restored.

They just need to add a feature that suspends and/or blocks uploads during sessions.