Posting bug reports on iOS app?


What’s the best way to provide bug reports on the iOS app?

I have two somewhat minor ones:

  1. I frequently get logged out of the Calm app and need to re-enter my credentials - not a huge deal but somewhat random and lightly frustrating

  2. The title of Session Summary report where it says ‘Wed. Night Session’ or ‘Tues. Morning Session’ etc. is often wrong (ie. the title will be Wed. Morning Session’ when it was actually Tuesday night. Not a big deal but would be great to fix.

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I take it this forum isn’t actively monitored by InterAxon… seems a shame. Bueller? I’m sure the Musing community would be happy to provide feedback / improve the experience.


The support page on the website is here:
There’s a feedback form here: or probably the best way is just to email them direct: