Potenital risk of privacy breach (due to mandatory GPS connection)


I recently purchased a new Muse headband (version 2016), who is rather picky on Bluetooth connectivity. For example, Muse headband (version 2014) is able to connect my cell phone Moto E with Android 6.0. However, Muse headband (version 2016) won’t. Because of this, I spent hundreds dollars to purchase the tablet Nvidia shield K1.

Nvidia shield K1 is able to connect Muse headband (version 2016) ONLY if the GPS of the tablet is turned on. Before signing my account in the Muse app (version 3.0.103), the app asks me for the permission of accessing my file storage and GPS. If I refuse the app to access my GPS, then the app would not allow me to sign my account. And if I agree the app to access my GPS but the GPS function on the tablet is turned off, then Nvidia shield K1 is unable to connect Muse through Bluetooth.

I am not sure why Muse (version 2016) app wants to access my GPS. This did not happen for Muse (version 2014).


The Muse 2016 headband uses Bluetooth Low Energy to establish the connection with the Android or iOS device. The Android OS requires the Location to be turned on otherwise the OS will not detect any Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

The Muse 2014 headband uses a classic Bluetooth connection so it doesn’t require the Location to be on, but the headband needs to be paired with the mobile device before it can connect.


Hi, cbillard! Thank you for your message! If you are an administrator for the FAQ section of Muse, then I suggest you to update the following FAQ section:

I usually turn off GPS function to protect my privacy and save battery. Since the FAQ did not mention anything about GPS, it took me 1.5 hours to figure out the reason why my new tablet can not connect to Muse 2016. I was frustrated and almost gave up.


Hi Platypus.

I’ve passed this along to the administrator of that page and we will work to get that added. Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the frustration.


Thank you! Excellent update~