Principle of TP9 and TP10 electrodes



I am going through the technical specification and I obviously totally misunderstood the position of electrodes (I just saw pieces of metal in the frontal band and said Hey, so here are the four electrodes and one reference). I was wrong. So the second couple of electrodes is placed in TP9 and 10? How do they work? It looks just like an ordinary silicone.

It is a beginner’s question, sorry for that in advance.



The rubber in the ear sensors is conductive.

If you’re interested in seeing inside how it actually works, Adafruit did a teardown of the 2014 Muse a few years ago. If you jump to 5 minutes into the video, you can see Ladyada talking about the ear sensors and she shows exactly how they connect to the PCB inside.


Thank you, that is very helpful :slight_smile: