Can someone explain how to opt-out 100% from EEG data being uploaded to Muse servers?
If this is not possible, please legitimately explain why a developer and their users would opt-in to your company owning this information?


At the end of your first session, you are asked if you would like to participate in our research program. If you select “No”, then your EEG data(or any other sensor data) will not be sent to our servers. If you do opt in, your data is anonymized so that no personal information is available to researchers. We take privacy seriously, please let us know if you have any other concerns.

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I spent a lot of time and effort crafting our privacy policy in a way that clearly outlines the types of data we collect, the situations in which they are collected and how they are protected.

The most important thing to note is that you retain full ownership of your data at all times.

Here is the section which deals with brainwave and biometric data:

[B]Brainwave and Biometric Data[/B]

For the purposes of this Policy, ”Brainwave and Biometric” data is defined as: [INDENT]Data collected by sensors in the Muse headband or other sensors (e.g. 3rd party heart rate monitors, fitness trackers, etc.). This would include the raw recordings from the sensors (in the case of the Muse headband, EEG data, commonly known as brainwaves) as well as any scores or performance data that are generated for you as part of your use of Interaxon Services.[/INDENT] [B]Ownership & License[/B]
Brainwave and Biometric Data is the most sensitive data contemplated by this Policy. At Interaxon, it is our goal to be industry leaders in the protection of users’ Brainwave and Biometric Data.

Your Brainwave and Biometric Data belongs to you, and you retain, at all times, complete ownership of all your Brainwave and Biometric Data collected during your use of Interaxon Services.

For as long as your Brainwave and Biometric Data is stored as part of or as a result of your use of Interaxon Services, you grant us a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to collect, process and store that data, only so far as is required to deliver you Interaxon Services.

At any time, you can choose to remove your Brainwave and Biometric Data from Interaxon’s possession or control. Our contact information is set out below.

We will process these requests within a reasonable amount of time, and upon removal of the information, we will have no further license to use your Brainwave and Biometric Data.

Interaxon considers this data to be highly sensitive.

[B]Storage and Protection[/B]
All Brainwave and Biometric Data will be anonymized before being stored in our cloud servers, and stored securely using security measures that meet or exceed industry standards for the protection of personally identifiable information.

Brainwave and Biometric Data generated by use of InteraXon Services that is not anonymized will be available only to those personnel who we reasonably believe require access to such information to provide higher level technical support and troubleshooting services.

You can read the full policy at


Thank you for this detailed response.
It is clear your team is treating this matter seriously and is highly favorable in attracting developers to the platform with pre-existing user bases.

Keep up the good work guys.


Hi, regarding this “you retain full ownership of your data at all times” I’m curious about how can I access the data from these ‘Calm’ sessions. Apparently they are stored only on your server, I could not find anything on the phone.


You can see the data from previous sessions under “See Your Data” on the “Browse Your Sessions” screen.

If you’re looking to download the data from the sessions, we’ve got an API on our roadmap, so look for it in a future update.