Problem of Bluetooth conection


I have a problem to connect my MUSE 2016 with my laptop via Bluetooth.

I have tried to reset my MUSE, but it still dose not work.

I have two computers of thinkpad with Windows 10. One can pair the MUSE(shown “connected”) but when I start the MUSE IO, it can not find the MUSE. And another computer can not pair the MUSE most of the time(just succeed 2 times). I do not know the reason.
The following pictures is the information that shown in the Terminal and Command Prompt.
I can not connect the via MuseIO Muse-05BD.


Hi @wenchao0601,

Currently Muse-IO does not support MUSE 2016 headband yet. If you are an developer for Muse and want to connect to Muse 2016 headband on Windows machine. You can try out our latest Windows SDK BETA release here. Support for Muse 2016 headband in Muse-IO on Windows will be coming shortly after the official Windows SDK release. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.



… any tentative dates for this yet?
3,6,9… months?