Problem with converting Muse files



I’m having problems converting my muse files. Every time I get a “file not found” error, and I’m not sure why or how to fix this. I have successfully converted files in the past, so I’m not sure what the problem is now. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!!!

This is what I’m getting:

muse-player -f recording.muse -M first.mat
Muse Player 1.8.4
* Muse file(s): [‘recording.muse’]

* Matlab output file: first.mat
File not found: recording.muse
Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/jobs/MusePlayer-MacOS-1.8.x/workspace/build/muse-player/out00-PYZ.pyz/threading”, line 810, in __bootstrap_inner
File “/Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/jobs/MusePlayer-MacOS-1.8.x/workspace/build/muse-player/out00-PYZ.pyz/threading”, line 763, in run
File “/Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/jobs/MusePlayer-MacOS-1.8.x/workspace/build/muse-player/out00-PYZ.pyz/input_handler”, line 118, in parse_files
NameError: global name ‘exit’ is not defined


I was getting this error in my terminal as well, you might be in the wrong directory. Make sure you are trying to do this command within the right directory (for example, I was outside the scope of Users, hence the command would not work, but when I redirected everything worked fine). Also make sure you’re directing your terminal to the right recording, a path of just ‘recording.muse’ may not work, try and get more specific.