Problem with saving recorded files with MusePlayer



I’m using MusePlayer (using cmd on Windows 10) to stream data from the muse headband and save it to a .mat file. This the command that I run:

muse-player -l udp:7000 -M “C:\my_location\my_file.mat”

This seems to run fine, and the output shows me the playback time etc. It also says “Hit Control-C to stop”. However, when I do hit Control-C, the whole operation is aborted (it says “Aborted.”).

The output file is created, but it is empty - when I use MATLAB to read the file, the only information it contains is the time, but no eeg data exists. I’ve checked that the data is coming through the port, and it is, because I can receive eeg data through MuseLab by reading the same port.

Is there another way I should be ending the recording in order to correctly save the EEG data so that I can analyse it? Or is there a problem somewhere else? I’m happy to provide more info if needed.



Anybody able to help with this? Anyone having the same problem?