Problem with seeing any graphs on MuseLab


Hi there,
so these were my steps:

1)I made sure the Muse monitor and my pc are on the same wiFi network
2) I put my pc IP in the ‘Muse monitor’ application.
3) I’ve loaded the configuration file in the Muse Lab (open port 5000 and so on)
4)Clicked on streaming in the Muse Monitor.

though I see nothing. there is a gray blank window on the “Visualizes window” and the “OSC window” although I do see some incoming messages in the Msg/sec section.

What should I do?
Firewall was off, i’ve check on the netstat -noa if the port is used but nope.

in the application I see the signals as well.


By default Muse Lab does not have any visualizations set up, so you will only see the messages coming in, but no graphs.

My config file here sets up a bunch of visuals for you.

If it still doesn’t work, please post a screenshot.


Thanks for your reply,
still doesn’t work - this was the same conf file I had already loaded.
here are some screen shots:



I think the problem you’ve got is a graphics glitch with Muse Lab. I’ve seen other people post about this problem on Unix systems, but never on Windows so far as I remember.

Try updating your graphics card drivers and update Java to the latest version.


so I’ve updated everything but still not picture :frowning:
what shall I do? I need it for my final project. I must see visually the signals on my pc and this is why I bought MUSE. There is any other option to record and see the signals?


Of course! :slight_smile: Just press the red dot record button to start recording.
You can view your recorded files online at or in Microsoft Excel.