Problem Working With Muse Player


I want to save the output file as a .mat or .csv file, also be able to replay the recorded .muse file. But when I open muse-player it disappears immediately. And when trying to use command line, it says that file does not found. What should I do? Is there any specific file that I should download? Also would anyone please explain the steps to save the output file as .csv/.mat file or to replay the recorded file?



Hi Donia,

Muse-Player is a command line executable program - if you just double-click it will only briefly opens and close a window.
Also, if you got the correct installation of the SDK, it shoud be in your OS path and could be run from anywhere after opening a coomand line window (ideally from where you have your .muse file saved) - so you can convert it to CSV or MatLab in the same place.
If it’s not in your path, you can add it, or run it by specifying it’s full installation directory path … in my case, in windows I would need to type someting like:
C:\Program Files\Muse\muse-player.exe … (parameters)

Take a look at the posts bellow for a more detailled explanation:




It worked. Thank you so much!