Problems connecting to 2014 MUSE



I’m using the 6.0.1 MUSE SDK with a 2014 MUSE Headset on iOS 10.3.1/iPhone 7 with Swift 3.1/Xcode 8.2.3. I have manually paired the 2014 MUSE Headset to my iPhone and the iOS Settings app shows the headset as connected.

However, the IXNMuseManagerIos’s getMuses() call returns an empty list. I have confirmed that IXNMuseManager’s startListening() has been called. My museListChanged() callback is never invoked. I have removed (forgotten) and repaired the MUSE headset several times but there is no change.

Is there something more I need to be doing in order to have the MUSE SDK recognize the presence of a 2014 headset? Everything works wonderfully with a 2016 headset.

Thanks in advance


Hi Mark,

Your Info.plist file may be missing “com.interaxon.muse” from the “Supported external accessory protocol” list.



Thank you. This was the cause of the problem.