Problems executing muse-io in command line


I have two machines - a laptop and a desktop (OSX 10.9.2 on both- latest machines). Installing the packages and running muse-io from the command line works fine on the desktop, but when I try on the laptop I get the following error: -bash: muse-io: command not found

This may be something very simple, but I do not use the command line very much. I have a feeling it has to do with bash, but if anyone can point me in the right direction here that would be great.


I don’t know for the MAC Install, but the Windows Muse SDK Install automatically adds the muse program files directory to the PATH environment variable, so you can run muse-io from anywhere.

Maybe it´s missing in your laptop installation. You can check it opening a terminal window and type command: echo $PATH (see if your muse app directory is there)
if not, you can manually add it. I don’t have a MAC here, but googling for “OSX add to path” I’ve found many ways of doing so.


I have tried starting muse-io on Windows XP. I heva goet an error message “not a vald windows application”. how is this possible? Does muse-io run only on win7?