Problems getting SDK to recognize Muse and future Apps


Hi, I followed all instructions to the letter, no errors on my PC (windows 7 pro) and the Muse device is recognized by my PC but not your software.

2 things…

  1. Does anyone have an idea of what could be going on?

  2. Much more importantly… The whole point of the Muse (for me anyway) is its mobility (I’m really not interested in being tethered to a computer anyway, if I was I could go back to using my “wired” and bulky Infinity EEG), so I’m wondering if anyone has any news regarding apps we can use on our smartphones/tablets that can actually do something useful (from a research point of view:) like read/display/record dominant frequencies or at least present/record the various brain states present over time and circumstance.

Thanks in advance.




One common problem I’ve seen with getting MuseIO to recognize your Muse comes from using a Bluetooth Dongle. Some Dongles seem less reliable than others. I might recommend you try unplugging the dongle, plugging it back into your machine and then doing a full shut down of your windows machine. After it’s fully shut down try starting it back up and trying again. I have found this to be an effective way of getting the dongle to work properly, although somewhat frustrating.

If you’re not using a dongle I would recommend trying to do a factory reset, holding the button for 15+ seconds until you see a saw tooth LED pattern. Once it turns off turn it back on into pairing mode, 5+ seconds of holding. Release with all the lights flashing and pair it again to your computer. Wait a minute or so before trying to launch MuseIO again.

Hope that helps.

With regards to the app question. Our SDK is not available yet, however if you’re interested in using EEG data directly into a mobile device for the time being we have public examples OSC receivers for both iOS and Android native platforms. You will still need to connect through MuseIO on a computer, but it will allow developers to start initial stages of using the raw data.

You can find the links here:


Thanks Farough, I appreciate the suggestion and will try it out my first chance and let you know how it goes…

I cant wait for an app though:)


nope, nothing works - I really hope they come out with an app for brainwave patterns soon, I have not touched the device pretty much since I got it:(