Public void receiveMuseArtifactPacket() is not being called


* You will receive a callback to this method each time an artifact packet is generated if you
* have registered for the ARTIFACTS data type. MuseArtifactPackets are generated when
* eye blinks are detected, the jaw is clenched and when the headband is put on or removed.
* @param p The artifact packet with the data from the headband.
* @param muse The headband that sent the information.
public void receiveMuseArtifactPacket(final MuseArtifactPacket p, final Muse muse) {
Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), “Artifact”, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

The method, receiveMuseArtifactPacket is not being called in LibMuse project. Please help me with the case.

As far as I remember you need to register ARTIFACT listener with help of registerDataListener


Yes, you are correct and I figured out yesterday and came to close the thread!

Thanks anyway!