Pyliblo installation on Windows 8?


Hi ,
What are the advantages of new documentaion over the old one!
Do i have to install pyliblo for windows 8 also, as per new documentaion, if so where do i have install it !
this is confusing!!!


Hi goutami,

Are you trying to write a Python program that receives OSC messages or are you trying to install and use the existing SDK tools?

You don’t need to install pyliblo to run the SDK tools anymore. MusePlayer used to require you to manually install pyliblo, but with the new installer this is no longer necessary. If you want to stream data, display, and capture it, you can do that with MuseIO, MuseLab, and MusePlayer.

You only need pyliblo (and liblo, which is what pyliblo provides Python bindings for) if you are planning on writing software in Python that receives OSC messages. The SDK tools should run fine regardless.

If you are trying to run the example from the Getting Started page on the Muse developer site, then yes, you will need to install pyliblo. There is a link to the pyliblo project website at the beginning of that example. You can download the package and get installation instructions there. As per those instructions, installing pyliblo should just involve running

python build 
python install

Here’s the link:

Are you having a specific problem installing it on Windows 8?


Hi Tom,

I am not writing Python program.

I have installed new musesdk-3.0.2, i was wondering that, I don’t need any more the rest of the steps which I followed for the musesdk-2.4.2-windows –like
Python as Environment variable setup
exe file from protoc-2.5.0-win32
protobuf python setup commands

(I was sure about that i don’t need exe file from protoc-2.5.0-win32)


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