Quantifying EEG results


I’m interested in doing some simple EEG research with the Muse and was wondering if anyone had any experience in quantifying the EEG’s so to be able to perform some statistical analysis to determine if any changes measured are statistically significant etc.


You can export quantized data to .csv then filter for whatever you want to look at (eg blinks) and do statistical analysis.

I’ve been using Excel to look at mean, median, mode, range and standard deviation based on quantized data for different waves, based on session, absolute and relative readings.

There’s lots of information on the Muse site. Here is all the available data:

And here is how to access the .csv:

Convert your recording to a different file format
MuseLab records data in the .muse file format. To convert to a variety of other file formats or to replay Muse data from a recording over OSC to another program (say, to look at some data you recorded a while ago with MuseLab) you must use MusePlayer.

Open a Terminal or Command Prompt and enter the following command.

muse-player-f path/to/recording.muse -C recording.csv
For more information on how Muse data is stored, check out the File Formats section.

These instructions are part of the ‘Getting Started’ section on the research site.

Hope this helps!

BTW if anyone out there can recommend something better than Excel for this, please let me know!


I thought I’d ask you how you format your .csv files to do your analysis on them? When I export .csv files to Excel I get one column with a lot of rows with each cell containing the data type name and various values. I’m yet to find an easy and efficient way to get values into their own cells and in their own column. I will admit that I’m pretty green when it comes to Excel so I apologize if this question sounds simple.


Muse Monitor will output to a much easier to read csv format with each value in it’s own column. If you’d like an example of the file output before you purchase, send me an email.