Raspberry Problems Need 2014 Model


Does anyone know where to buy the 2014 model?

It seems very clear that the muse developers are never going to build an intuitive solution like muse-io for anyone hoping to build a discrete raspberry pi project for the newer models, discrete meaning no phone or computer additionally routing signal to the pi. I’ve read the relevant posts, they have been asking for this for two years, and it feels saddeningly obvious. The project I’m working on suffers tremendously from the extra routing through either the person’s phone or computer and goes from elegant to clunky.

However, I see that people have accomplished this with the muse 2014 model. This is clearly the model to have if someone wants to develop for this while not having god skills. Could muse please consider making it easier to acquire the headset for which they and others actually built their decent tools. Why on earth do they not? I’d pay MORE for it than the muse 2 at this point. Does anyone know where to find it? I’ve been trying.


Otherwise love the muse and curious why the muse player was removed from public.


Have you seen Alexandre Barachant’s code for the 2016 Muse? You could probably use this as pseudocode to write something native for the Pi.


I could, at this point, spot Alexandre Barachant in a crowd.

There is a tutorial on adafruit which goes through this published only a few months ago:

I am using the exact same equipment, minus the pi-top, and consistently things break down around downloading the ‘scikit’ package. (I also tried pip install muselsl, didn’t work)

But even if I did make it to the end, is the output not just a CSV of the raw values of the sensors? My goal is to get to OSC output for art purposes, and rewriting almost anything with the help of pseudocode is not within my skills right now.

My goal is to get to a discrete unit in the pi, but barring that I will use your app in the meantime, so thank you for making it!


Could the muse player work in this context? Muse’s repository for the linux version is no longer public and when i tried to get another version on github it referenced that repository!!


Muse Player doesn’t interface directly with the headset, but it does implement liblo for OSC, so reading the code for that could help you.
Interaxon originally released the Muse Player source under the Apache 2.0 licence so it’s free for everyone to modify provided you give attribution, as such here’s the source to my modified version: https://github.com/Enigma644/ix-muse-player


What about running muse direct on the windows IoT platform?


We have a 2014 Muse lying around that isn’t of much use anymore; but I do think the battery only lasts for about 15 minutes, so you probably couldn’t use it anyway…?