Reading Muse Data Files (Java)



I would like to be able to parse a muse data file in my java application. Using protobuf 2.6.1 and Muse_V2.proto (could not download it from your site but found it on: I have been able to parse the different MuseDataCollection elements from the a file containing only EEG measurements. From these element I have been able to get the EEG object, however there are no values. I have been able to convert the same file to an csv (with eeg values) using the Muse-Player.

I am I missing a step or do I need to parse something else to get the eeg values?

museData = MuseDataCollection.parseFrom(message);
EEG eegData = museData.getCollection(0).getExtension(EEG.museData);  
System.out.println(eegData.getValuesCount()); //Return 0