Reading raw data from Muse in Labview


Hi all,

I am trying to read the Muse Headbands EEG data in the Labview. So I send data using muse lab udp in Labview. The only problem I am facing is the conversion of data. As format of data is ASCII char which I successfully converted into I8. The I got an array like
and 8 elements more for 2 more channels.

Now I don’t know how to change these four elements so that I can get only one number for one channel that can represent microVolt as in muse-lab.
What I tried is to discard 68 from the start of each channels and change the remaining 3 byte for each channel into one DBL. By doing this, if I plot the data on graph then it looks like I am getting the exactly same data. But the values are different on y scale.
Can anyone confirm about the muse data conversion.

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please find the pic attached.