Recording file and MusePlayer problem


Hi everyone,

I’m doing an internship for my last engineering school year.
It is about detecting drowsiness and fatigue with the muse headband. I have the Muse 2016.
It’s the first time for me doing this and I have different issues with my files that I don’t know how to fix. I already change the Bluetooth Dongle, The Muse headband (we have 3 of them in the lab), uninstall and reinstall MuseTools…

  1. I would like to see the raw data on Excel, so when I’m recording I change the file format .muse on MuseLab before recording by .csv. I created a Macro thanks to this link
    But when I open my own data on Excel, all my file are like this I don’t understand:

_H žïGwê×A¢: _
_6Person0/drlref dd 1697142.857142857 1698754.5787545787 _
_y žïGwê×A¢k _
_gPerson0/notch_filtered_eeg dddd 836.3329274006965 846.3557048868624 859.2928286097697 845.3744493695119 _
_t žïGwê×A¢f _
_bPerson0/eeg dddddd 840.1098901098901 843.7362637362637 852.6007326007326 853.8095238095239 NaN NaN _
_x žïGwê×A¢j _
fPerson0/notch_filtered_eeg dddd 835.0441551374429 845.074620244205 861.1958858328821 846.3463929221982

Instead I should have this right ? (Data found on the forum)
10.21804200 /muse/eeg/raw f 809.3303 f 848.8099 f 832.36005 f 861.9697
10.21812600 /muse/eeg/raw f 824.13513 f 850.45483 f 834.005 f 852.0998
10.21818700 /muse/eeg/raw f 829.07007 f 848.8099 f 832.36005 f 870.1946
10.21826700 /muse/eeg/raw f 852.0998 f 848.8099 f 834.005 f 857.0347

–> What should I do to get correct data ?

  1. When I try to put the data in the Macro, it runs, but I have a graphic with hours on the y-axe and the Excel “line number” on the x-axis… When I tried to change the data it says that I can’t have more than 256 values on the y-axis. Maybe is it linked to my data file ?

    In the file “GraphnigData” I get this:

–> Can someone explain me what is wrong ?

  1. I have to do a study with volunteers for my internship, so I will have to record data and re-open them later to study the results. I know that I should use MusePlayer. But when I try to open it, it runs for 2s and then closes automatically. So I install Python on the computer but it is still the same.
    –> Does anyone have the same problem ? What should I do ?

I’m sorry, it might be basic issue for some of you but I’m a beginner with this device and I’m not an expert in computing… I hope some of you can help me because I’m stuck for the moment…
Thank you very much for reading my post !!


To use my Muse Monitor Excel Macro you must be using a CSV file created by Muse Monitor.

The CSV format that Muse Player creates is not compatible and very hard to graph, as you have seen!


Hi Enigma644,

Thank you for your answer. Your MuseMonitor website is very interesting and I can’t wait to have compatible file to test everything.
Do you have any idea why MusePlayer isn’t working on my computer?


Muse Player is a command line tool, you can’t just double click to run it unfortunately.
You can find info on how to use it here:


Thank you for your advise. I managed to change the file format with Command Promt. But when I open it on Excel I have a problem with the first column…

I should get the date or hh:min instead right ?
So I don’t understand why the Monitor goes like this:

Do you have another advice to give me ?

Thank you very much for your answer.


Interaxon’s Muse Player’s CSV format and my Muse Monitor’s CSV format is completely different. If you want to use my online graphing, you need to use a native Muse Monitor CSV file.

Interaxon’s format (shown above) puts different data types on each row which means you can not select a column of data to graph as each row is a different data type.

Muse Monitor’s CSV format puts each data type in it’s own column, making it much easier to graph.


Thank you @Enigma644 for your answer, I understand better the difference now !
But muse monitor is only available (and charged) on smartphones right (Iphone or Android) ?
There is no way to get it directly on the computer ?


Muse Monitor is only available for Android/Apple mobile devices as Bluetooth on Mac/PC is too unstable and rarely works. Also piracy is just too easy on non-mobile platforms.