Recovery -v- Calmness


Muse gives mixed messages about the relative importance of recoveries and calmness.

On the one hand, the spoken instructions will always talk about the inevitable variability of the “weather”, and the importance of gently bringing the attention back to the breath. The number of recoveries is shown at the end of an individual session.

On the other hand, it is calmness that is rewarded by “birds”, and the percentage of calm time, but not the number of recoveries, is recorded in the list of sessions. Recoveries are not marked with a distinctive sound. Would it not be possible to provide realtime sound feedback for recoveries?


To follow on from my previous post, I realize now that Muse only counts a recovery as having happened after there has been a transition from “active” to “neutral”.

This transition does not seem to correspond to a “recovery” in the ordinary sense of the word, which happens when a meditator has allowed their attention to wander, becomes aware of the wandering, and brings attention back to the focus of their meditation - the breath or whatever. At any rate, that is what I would call a recovery, and it is fundamental to the practice of meditation, unlike transient changes in calmness levels.

Muse is obviously not sensitive enough to register a recovery in this sense.


The Muse app gives the following explanation, “Recoveries from active to neutral represents effort spent noticing your distractions - this builds the skill of attention.” This is simply inaccurate.