Redirecting oscdump data to file


I am trying to capture the sensor data using oscdump on a windows machine. The data is showing correctly in the command window, but when I redirect the data to a file, the formatting gets messed up. The following is an sample of the data that would show up when it was redirected to a file:

51569.163208404.665161595.4829101404883107122189957.378540529.683655299.386414569.1632081404883107200329957.378540569.163208352.025787648.1222531404883107200329878.419495621.802551299.386414700.7615971404883107200329825.780151661.282104430.984863753.4010011404883107200329931.058899556.003357378.345490569.1632081404883107200329878.419495674.441956378.345490569.1632081404883107200329878.419495648.122253378.345490700.7615971404883107200329983.698242634.962402378.345490648.1222531404883107200329904.739197582.323059483.624207595.4829101404883107200329825.780151661.282104352.025787753.4010011404883107200329904.739197582.323059430.984863595.4829101404883107200329957.378540582.323059352.025787569.1632081404883107200329957.378540595.482910404.665161674.4419561404883107200329852.099792648.122253325.706116700.7615971404883107200329825.780151674.441956457.304535727.0812991404883107200329931.058899569.163208352.025787621.8025511404883107200329866.904663536.263611483.624207753.4010011404883107200329866.904663509.943909483./muse/eeg ffffii
/muse/eeg ffffii
/muse/eeg ffffii
/muse/eeg ffffii

I tried redirecting using
oscdump 1111 > data1
oscdump 1111 > data1 2>&1

Any suggestions on how to properly redirect the data without the formatting being affected?


Hey Anika, how are you viewing the data? With notepad? Notepad may not render non dos style line feeds. If that’s the problem a more robust editor like notepad++ or eclipse will let you look at your data in the dump easily. Do you have cygwin installed? It provides the “less” utility which will render the line feeds correctly.


Hi Matt, This is not an editor problem. The issue is with redirection command in Windows. It does not matter which editor I use, the formatting is incorrect. The only workaround is to have Muse-Io send data to another Linux or MAC system, run oscdump on that remote system and redirect output to a file. If anyone has been able to successfully redirect the output of oscdump to a file on windows, please let me know,


Hi Anika -
“muse-player” was made for what you are trying to do. You can send data to it and it can display data on the screen and dump it to disk at the same time. Have you given it a try yet?