Reliability of Wave values


I’m trying to understand how to bring about a conclusion for mood/emotion from the waves.
Why are there 4 values of for each of the waves, alpha 1 , alpha 2…? Is there any element in Muse lab that gives the mean of these 4 wave values ? What parameter should give me the most reliable inference of mood/emotion, mean, border values or median of the wave values?


4 values for 4 sensors. I’m taking the highest of the 4, reasoning that you want to glean from where the signal’s strongest without having it dampened by the rest of the brain where it’s weak.


If you are reading multiple types of waves (alpha, beta, etc), don’t you want to read them from the same channel? I was experimenting last night with using the largest value generated across all channels, and the output did not seem to track my overall activity reliably. Perhaps this was subjective on my part.


Well i assume that different waves can be prominent in different parts of the brain at the same time. Why do you say it seemed like it didn’t track overall reliably? (what seemed off? compared to another method?)


I did multiple sessions, some using the same channel, some using the largest value of the 4 channel values. It’s totally subjective, but the behavior seemed different. I’m not really questioning the reliability of the data, but just wondering if I should always use signals from the same channel if I am going to compare the waves in any way, either against a fixed minimum or maximum or against each other.