Research tools for 2016


Will the research tools be updated for 2016? Does anyone know of way to play back csv from muse monitor with 2016 unit?


If you want to play a Muse Monitor file in Muse Lab, then you need to record in Interaxon “.muse” format (which uses Google Protocol Buffer). It can then be played back using Muse Player using the instructions in the Muse Monitor help.


I will give it shot thanks.


Can I stream data from muse monitor to mac with 2016 unit?


Yes. Muse Monitor streams OSC data over the network. You can receive it on a Mac (or PC) using Muse Lab, or any other program which can receive OSC data.


Thank you I am getting data into unity using :

How are you arriving at the ‘db’ numbers in your line graph?

Thanks again really appreciate it.


Absolute values are Power Spectral Density taken directly from the Interaxon APIs: