Roadmap for experimental features in iOS SDK or MuseIO for Muse 2016


Hello guys,

I am working actually on an a project that will use (among others) concentration and mellow levels of the current user. I have seen that these features have been removed since LibMuse 5.4.0 release. By now, MuseIO is not available for Muse headband 2016. Do you have any roadmap to share about these two experimental features or coming version of museIO to help me select the right technical stack for my project?

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We have stopped supporting those metrics because we did not feel they were accurate enough, and also people often confused them with what we do in the Muse app. If you like, we may be able to give you the equations if you would like to calculate those values yourself.


Hello Paul,

Thanks a lot for your answer. By now we have already started to merge different waves and made some deep learning. So It will be great if you can share with us your equation (or algorithm). And of course we will share of feedbacks and ROX.

BTW, do you think there is any chance that museIO will support muse 2016 this summer?



Hi, I too would like those equations as well. Can you just print them here? I went from using an old muse and it working fine with muse-io to a non-working application with muse 2016.

We can do a hack where we take the data from musemonitor and run our own calculation, given that you can tell us how to do it, until you update muse-io.



In the FAQ on the developer site ( there are some details regarding the Mellow and Concentrate algorithms including the link to the research paper.



Yeah, I read that paper. There is no simple algorithm for it. Can you just tell us, like hey we add the last 30 seconds of relative alpha or something? People bought the muse for the things that show up under documentation under muse-io and the muse no longer works with muse-io now