Running Muse Calm on the PC (through emulation?)


Asking a simple question: How to run Calm on the PC.
Some people will come here looking for a way to do this. I am not asking for a solution, I will be doing experiments in running Calm on my PC through emulators and others. If others are successful or have comments, post them. This could be a go-to guide forum one year in the future of how to do this.

There are several emulators and several options, but the emulator needs access to bluetooth.

First test:
Developer.Android Emulator, no support for bluetooth.
Bluestacks, android emulator does not have bluetooth connection. Also Calm crashes.
Following this process for linking bluetooth to an emulator. Will report back in a day or two


Small update. Can’t get the Android to install on Oracle VirtrualMachine. There is a problem with the chip causing android to crash. Was working on that last night. Will update and edit this soon

EDIT: I have been more successful with getting Andy, a different form of Android working in conjunction with Oracle Virtual Machine. I think I am close to getting bluetooth to link to Android, but am unsuccessful at this time. There are a few root commands things I need to do to get it to work, but I am blindly reading google posts atm.

Muse does work in Andy, which did not work properly in Bluestacks.


A great post!

I am waiting for your newer update. I really want to run Calm on the windows 7, because my phone Samsung galaxy S2 is too slow to run this large app. Currently, I am trying to use Android Studio to run Calm.

If Calm can not be run on my laptop, then I have following two options:
1, Buy a new and faster smartphone.
2, Return the Muse and get 100% refund.

Most likely, option 2 will be true.


Updated: I have tried to use Bluestacks and Android x-86. Both did not work. And I got the following error message.

“Unfortunately, Muse Calm has stopped working.”

And I do not know how to load Muse Calm in Android Studio. So I gave up.


Bump. Has anyone gotten an emulator to play Muse Calm yet?