Saving muse data


Hello, I’m using the muse headset for some days now, while I am getting to know it, I’m trying to record the data. The thing is that I’m able to stream the data from the muse headset to my PC using the muse-lab program but what I really want to know is; how do I save the data? The muse player that comes with the software keeps crashing when I open it, the muse lab does not have the option to save the incoming data.


There is a “Recording” option in the drop-down menu, along with OSC Visualizers and others. But I think you can not employ it for real-time signal processing.


Hey Saadat,
You can use MuseDirect (for windows or ios) to record the data, and stream it to another program for real time signal processing too.


Hi Daniel. I’m using Muse direct right now. It does record our data on windows but I haven’t been able to process it yet. The program writes the file when we close the recording session only then it finishes writing the file. Therefore, I haven’t been able to do any run time processing or streaming of data.


Hey Saadat,
For real time streaming, we use a protocol called OSC. For windows, see this page:

For iOS, see this: